Friday, March 5, 2010

In my spare time

While most of my posts have talked about my experiences at the school, since that is why I am here, I have been doing other things when I am not working at the school or planning lessons.

I have attended one meeting of the Scouts here in Costa Rica, which is a lot different than the Boy Scouts in the US. I am going to look for them tomorrow too at the time they normally meet, but I am unsure if I will find them or not.

I was running earlier in my time here, though the last two weeks I've been busy and the weather has not been very good. This has made me run less, which is something I need to fix since I want to stay in shape while I am here. Much easier to stay in shape than have to get back in shape later.

I also have been reading a lot. There is a small library in the WorldTeach office in San Jose which I borrowed a couple of books from. One of the former volunteers who stayed with my host family left a bunch of books so I have those too. I am currently reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac from that collection.

Though I have read books from those sources, my main source of fiction has been free online sites. Sites for short fiction, Strange Horizons , Clarkesworld , and For novels I have turned to Cory Doctorow, who releases most of his fiction for free under a Creative Commons license at Two other sources are has a free library as well as which has been very helpful for me in finding reading material.

I am glad it is Friday, though I do not have any exciting plans for the weekend yet. Next weekend I am planning on doing a hike by Volcan Arenal, but this weekend I plan on relaxing.

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