Monday, April 26, 2010


My Mom suggested I talk about the weather, since I have been falling down on the blogging lately.  This will be a short post, I should have time to make a longer one tomorrow, but I need to finish this one and post it before the internet goes down.

The weather is supposed to be in the rainy season at this point.  I say supposed to because it has been hot the last week or so.  We had one day last Friday when it rained and was cloudy for a fair amount of the day.  Then Saturday it was hot again, though in the early evening there was some impressive lightning and thunder and rain, but it only lasted for a little bit.

We'll see if the weather starts to turn rainy over the next few days. While this heat is tiring, at the same time I'm not really excited for days of rain so hard I have to yell in the classroom to be heard.  Well, I did get to avoid most of the winter and will be avoiding the beginning of this coming winter, so I really can't complain.


  1. Here's the real weather update Pedro: and and active link to weather in Fortuna:

    Web Del Ambiente
    Ultima grabación a: 7:10 PM Data: 26 April 2010 ,Time of next update: 07:20 p.m.
    Tiempo actual Night time/Humid Temperatura actual 26.4°C (79.5°F) (Indice de Calor29.3°C ), Temperatura aparente 31.2°C
    Temperatura máxima (since 0700 hour ) 33.1°C at: 1:27 PM Temperatura mínima (since 0700 hour ) 26.1°C at: 6:25 PM
    Velocidad media del viento (diez minutos) 2.4 kmh (1.3 kts) Dirección del viento (diez minutos) WSW (250°)
    Indice de Calor 29.3°C ráfagas maxima (última hora) 10.0 kmh (5.4 kts) at: 7:01PM
    ráfagas maxima (since 0700 hour ) 17.6 kmh (9.5 kts) at: 9:51 AM Maximo media de un minuto (since 0700 hour ) 14.8 kmh (8.0 kts) at: 9:51 AM
    Lluvia (última hora) 0.0 mm Lluvia (since 0700 hour ) 0.0 mm (0.00 in.)---
    Lluvia Este mes 61.6 mm (2.43 in.) Lluvia Hasta la fecha este año 724.3 mm (28.52 in.)
    Lluvia máxima por minuto (última hora) 0.0 mm/min Lluvia maxima por hora (últimas 6 horas) 0.0 mm/hora
    Lluvia de ayer 0.0 mm Punto de rocío 25.2°C (Wet Bulb :25.5°C )
    Humedad 93 %, Humidex 38.9°C Barómetro corregido a msl 1005.0 hPa
    cambio de presión +1.0 hPa (última hora) Tendencia (últimas 1 hora) ELEVANDOSE SLOWLY
    cambio de presión (últimas 12 horas) -2.0 hPa cambio de presión (últimas 6 horas) +1.0 hPa
    Current solar 0 W/M² Current UV 0.0
    Maximum solar (since 0700 hour ) 600 W/M² Maximum UV (since 0700 hour ) 6.0
    Current 00:00 hours of sunshine today, current sky: Night time/Humid
    Sunshine hours for the year: 03:14 hrs Sunshine hours for the month: 00:00 hrs
    Current evapotranspiration rate 3.5 mm per day. Yesterday's reading 2.4

  2. Susan Kilkelly aka momApril 27, 2010 at 5:30 PM


    Your description of the storm on Saturday didn't describe how suddenly it blew up and how lound the thunder sounded all the way through the skype computer connection. Because the cafe you were in is open at the sides we could hear heavy rain for the rest of our conversation. I'm glad it didn't last two long at that intensity.