Thursday, May 13, 2010

New talents

The lack of materials and the need for visual aids when teaching in English to my students has led me to improve my drawing ability.  While I used to be able to draw about as well as the average preschooler, now I am pretty much matching the drawings of my average second graders, which is a notable improvement.

The reason I am writing about this is that today I was teaching the three phases of matter to second graders.  Since the vast majority of the stoves here use gas, I drew a tank of gas connected to a stove on the board next to the word GAS.  My students immediately knew what I had drawn and understood what I was talking about.  Talk about satisfying.  Admittedly, being able to draw a convincing frying pan is not exactly difficult, but it was satisfying giving other failed attempts at drawing I have had here.

I also enjoyed when I asked the students for examples of gas and one of my students pointed to his butt and said, "Gas comes from here" in Spanish.  Since he was quite accurate and not really causing trouble, I just agreed and moved on.  It did show understanding of my teaching, which was good, even if it was not an example I was expecting.


  1. great examples!

    keep up the good drawing!

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