Wednesday, December 16, 2009

La Fortuna

I found out last night that I will be teaching in the school, Zeta-13.  I will be living in La Fortuna, which is a town about 5 hours by bus from the capital San Jose.

La Fortuna is in the northwest of the country relatively close to the Nicaraguan border.  La Fortuna has roughly 6,000 people in it.  The town is mainly a tourist town.  It is a starting location for taking trips to the hot springs and waterfalls all around the town. 

Also of note is the active volcano, Volcano Arenal, which is the picture at the top of my blog.  While sometimes obscured in clouds, I certainly hope to be able to see the Volcano in all its glory in my time in Costa Rica.

Zeta-13 is the name of the town which I will be teaching at.  This is a school for mainly the children of the workers in the tourist industry.  The school has roughly 450 students.  I will be teaching science and English to kindergarden-5th graders at least, and maybe 6th graders. 

I m excited to know where I am going to be teaching.  The placement seems good. Also, I will be able to have people visit me if they have the time.  In such a touristy town, there are a plethora of hostels and hotels to accommodate friends and family.

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