Saturday, December 12, 2009

new netbook

Yesterday my new netbook came in the mail.  This is exciting for a couple of reasons.  First, it means a new computer for me to play around with which is always fun.

Second, now I have the computer I will be bringing with me to Costa Rica which is really good.  I bought  an ASUS netbook , which comes with a 6 cell battery, which should last a fair amount of time.  It also comes with windows 7. So far, Windows 7 has been good.  I can't say its much better than xp, but it certainly has done what I need it to.

My next project with it is to figure out open office.  I should have some sort of word processor, since I bought this with the idea of trying to do some writing while in Costa Rica.  Since I need to break out of my post-Nanowrimo lack of motivation, I figure trying out writing on my netbook could be what I need.

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