Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One week

I have one week and a few hours until I leave for Costa Rica.  The puzzle which is packing has been stressing me out some, but I will eventually manage to throw something together.

I will be spending the first month in Orosi, a town outside the capital, San José.  Orosi is south of San José.   The orientation will serve to give me the tools I will need to teach English in Costa Rica.

I will also be using the month to practice my Spanish.  I have hardly had any reason to speak it since last April.  It should come back to me though I will have to work on understanding a new country's words and various quirks with Spanish.

A few days ago I saw the blog, OMG I'm the adult.  While I had a few moments over the summer as supervisor at the YMCA where that thought went through my head, it was still essentially the same job I  have done since I was 16 years old.  I am equal parts nervous and excited about having that feeling many more times over the next year.  I  will definitely be the adult.

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