Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have a 30 second walk to my school. I am currently sitting outside of my house and using the wifi at my school. One of the best parts so far about living in Zeta-Trece is how short my commute every morning will be.

When I have a bad day, I will be able to walk home in two seconds and relax. While it might become annoying when my students know where I live, I will be able to escape inside or change quickly and go for a run.

While school starts at 7am, since I live less than a minute walk away, I should have no trouble arriving on time.

These small bonuses are what I need to remember as I embark on this crazy adventure. I knew what I was getting myself into and I know it is going to be a tough year. I will have to remember how grateful I am to have less than a minute walk to work in 65 degree weather year round, not a 20 minute drive in the bitter cold.

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  1. Only 65 degrees!?! I'm jealous! It's around 30-35 degrees Celsius every day, which means that it's 86-95 every day.