Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First day of school

Today was my first day of school at La Escuela Z-13 (zeta-trece). Although the students were only there for half the day, it was still a full day with a lot of information to process because of meetings after the students left.

I found out my schedule, which while busy does not seem overwhelming. I will be teaching science and an oral comprehension class to 2 6th grade classes, 1 5th grade class, 2 third grade classes, and 1 second grade classes. I will also be teaching a small amount of English every day to a kindergarten class in the afternoon.

I introduced myself to all of the classes in the school, both the ones that I will be teaching and those that I will not be teaching. Most of the students were in school today, however certainly not all of them were.

I will really start teaching on Monday. I will be using the next couple of days to accustom myself to the school. I will start working on learning the students names and getting to know the other teachers who I will be working with.

I am excited for the school year. While I am nervous and feel it will be a long and stressful year, this is what I wanted. The classes are large, ranging from 20 to over 30 students, but I will never be alone in any of them. I will always have support from either the regular teacher or one of the other English teachers.

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