Monday, February 15, 2010

First real classes

While classes started last Wednesday as I mentioned in a previous post, today I had my first actual class. I taught my 5th grade science class for 70 minutes (10 were taken for lunch). We spent most of the time going over the rules for the class. That was the main thing which I will have to work on, is moving from one activity to the next, so as not to let one activity dominate the entire class time.

However, even with the entire class being the unexciting task of going over rules, the class went pretty well. I am working on learning the students names and while there are a lot of them, it is not an overwhelming amount. I feel more settled now that I've actually started teaching, since I can focus on the reality of the challenges instead of trying to predict ahead of time what might go wrong.

1 class down, many more to go in Costa Rica.

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