Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally in La Fortuna

Apologies for leaving the blog so silent. I am able to have internet in my host family's house at least sometimes, so I should be a little more active going forward.

The last few days have been busy, with a lot of time spent in buses traveling to and fro from San Jose- La Fortuna, then yesterday back to La Fortuna and then back to San Jose last night.

La Fortuna is really nice and I am really happy to be here so far. I still have plenty of it and Zeta Trece which I have to explore, but from what I've seen so far its really nice. There are lots of things to do, though unfortunately most of them are pricey because they are geared towards tourists.

In the near future I will be working on going to the watefalls in the area and finding some of the free natural springs. That will be a goal of this weekend, in an around lesson planning for the start of school next Wednesday.

Today we had a staff meeting of all of the teachers at the school I will be teaching at. I met the other teachers, which made for an interesting morning. The meeting was obviously all in Spanish, so my understanding got a good work out. I think I followed most of what was going on, but at times I lacked the context to figure out what was being talked about.

Tomorrow I figure out my schedule and which grades I will be teaching. That should be interesting, I need to figure out tonight which ages I want to ask for.

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